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The importance of big data in e-health – Caracal.life

Posted on Dec 20,2017
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E-health is a term that refers to the application of ICTs (information and communication technologies) to health. Therefore, ICTs are used as tools in prevention, diagnosis, treatment or monitoring of conditions.

The most immediate benefit of e-health is to provide the patient with a personalized, convenient, and safe healthcare support, wherever they are. Besides, e-health helps reduce the costs to the healthcare system and improves its efficiency.

Today, wearables and accessories, especially smartphones, are drivers of widespread adoption  of health monitoring. Thus, Big Data (large amounts of data) is very important in the field of e-health, because thanks to individual monitoring of patients, one can count on a large amount of data and accurate information that becomes a powerful tool for prevention and follow up.

Caracal, control and prevention of hypertension

In this context Caracal.life has arrived; a mobile application that helps manage blood pressure and avoid the risks associated with hypertension. This monitoring is based on the tracking of various data such as blood pressure, weight, heart rate or activity levels. These data can be shared with health care providers (doctors, pharmacists), in real time.

It should be noted that Caracal uses a gamification system that rewards consistency of use, users being rewarded every time they measure their blood pressure. This facilitates a great advance in the prevention and reduction of the impacts of hypertension

Syncfusion: Big Data and e-health

Thus, Caracal is an example of how e-health can improve the quality of the life of patients. This technologically assisted healthcare application requires a secure system (with strict control over data protection) and, above all, accessibility. The system has been made possible by Syncfusion, an organization dedicated to the development of business tools offering web and mobile solutions.

Syncfusion has a long history in the area of big data (integration, measurement and processing) and the development of mobile apps. On the  Syncfusion  website we can see the case study of caracal and how they managed to implement a safe and convenient monitoring system.
Download caracal:

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