What is Caracal?

It is a solution to help you understand and manage your hypertension.

How does it work?

It’s simple, you turn on your Thomson HD TLS 808 blood pressure monitor, pair it with your smartphone (go to the ‘Devices’ section in the mobile app menu, click connect and click on the #2 button of the device for 6s until you see a the moving icon) and start measuring yourself, the results will automatically be transmitted to the device, for you to validate in order to save them in our secure and confidential database.

And this can also work for my weight?

Yes, by connecting the Thomson TBS705 scale you can follow your weight and your Body Mass Index, if you have entered in your height. You can also connect the Thomson TBLS405 bracelet to follow your activity, to know if you are walking enough or not.

Can I share my results?

For each device, you can specify with which healthcare professional, pharmacist or doctor you wish to share your data with.

Where are my results kept?

Your health results are kept in total security and confidentiality in a data center certified by the French Ministry of Health at our partner, Netplus – the Health Cloud. We ensure that this data does not roam over the network and is not accessible to unauthorized third parties who may use it commercially. And we assure you that our competitors often do not offer the same level of confidentialty and security 🙂

Why do I need a code to connect?

Because we follow the EU guidelines to ensure confidentiality and total control over who has access to your data. We realize it’s a bit annoying sometimes, but a lot less of an hassle than getting hacked…

And do I earn points when I measure my data?

Each time that you take recordings with your device you can win ‘hype’ points, which can be converted into promotions for amazing experiences, look under ‘Promotions’ on the web site.

Does it only work if I have my device connected?

You can also fill in the data by hand and use caracal as a notebook, and you will also be able to earn ‘hype’ points that you can convert into special offers.