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Practicing yoga to lower blood pressure, is it effective?

Posted on Feb 12,2017

Without a doubt, yoga is a very useful tool that helps our body to regulate its blood pressure levels. Above all, it helps significantly those who suffer from essential or primary hypertension (also known as idiopathic hypertension), that is, those whose high blood pressure has an undetermined origin or no specific cause.

Why does yoga help lower blood pressure?

Firstly, because we exercise the body, and like any discipline or sport, it produces physical well-being and an improvement in health. It is important to mention that yoga also produces a mental well-being, since this discipline is deeply linked to meditation and breathing. This physical and mental harmony reduces blood pressure levels and can treat essential hypertension in the medium term.

It should be noted that one of the factors that allow changes in blood pressure values ​​is precisely the reduction of stress and anxiety, which is why yoga is highly effective in the context of essential hypertension.

Another reason why yoga helps to lower blood pressure is by its impact on the arteries. Over the years, they become more rigid, making blood flow more difficult and blood pressure rising. Yoga is flexibilizing the arteries through various exercises that facilitate blood flow, so the tension goes down.

The importance of getting into yoga and measuring your blood pressure daily

By doing small actions we can do much for our health, specifically to lower blood pressure. It is about gradually becoming aware and acquiring new habits. Yoga can be done from home and you can start with some basic poses. Yoga can be done by both young and old.

The good thing about yoga is that there are different postures or asanas of different difficulties, so that each person can go at their own pace. It is important to be consistent: it is better to perform 20 minutes of yoga three times a week than one day for one hour. Ideally, you should practice yoga every day, as stretching is about time. It is an easy thing to do, once you have acquired the routine.

The effects of yoga will be reflected in your blood pressure within a few weeks. To measure the results in your blood pressure obtained by practicing yoga, we recommend that you download the caracal app, as it will help you to detect how much you have managed to reduce your blood pressure and to take control over it. In addition, Caracal includes different functionalities designed for hypertension, which will surely help you in controlling your health.

Author: Dr. Chaithanya R
Bio: Dr. Chaithanya R is a General Physician, a Diabetologist, a Medical writer, and a Medical Researcher. She has immensely contributed to the medical field by writing thousands of medical articles. She is also a well known Telemedicine online specialist, treated patients worldwide on various online platforms. Her immense quest to explore new things in the medical field never stops.

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