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The importance of big data in e-health – Caracal.life

Posted on Dec 20,2017
big data e salud app

E-health is a term that refers to the application of ICTs (information and communication technologies) to health. Therefore, ICTs are used as tools in prevention, diagnosis, treatment or monitoring of…

Diabetes and high blood pressure, how are they related?

Posted on Dec 08,2017
diabetes hipertension

Diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension) are two chronic diseases that are intrinsically related. Those who suffer from both diseases should monitor them carefully to prevent the potential damage they…

How connected healthcare solutions can transform the lives of those who suffer from chronic pathologies.

Posted on Sep 15,2017
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Let’s imagine how technology could transform the life of Bea, a young woman suffering from high blood pressure and so, prone to the associated cardiovascular risks. Every day, Bea records…

Hypertension and Hormonal Contraception

Posted on Jun 25,2017
anticonceptivos hipertension

The choice of contraception method should be the woman’s choice. The health care organization that provides contraceptive options for women should involve them in the conversation about what is the…

The impact of stress on hypertension

Posted on Jun 05,2017

The disease of high blood pressure, hypertension, was reported to have a sustained rise in prevalence that is expected to affect nearly more than 1.5Bn individuals by the year 2025….

Acupuncture against hypertension, does it work?

Posted on May 11,2017

Many times, we think that alternative and complementary medicines (MAC) are not effective because they are based on facts and not on scientific methods. It is precisely through the facts,…

Hypertension and Cardiovascular system: How are arteries impacted more than veins?

Posted on Apr 24,2017

We often hear from doctors that your arteries are in problem due to high blood pressure, but we rarely hear something like this about veins. So, do you wonder why…

Hypertension and Pregnancy, what to know?

Posted on Mar 24,2017

High blood pressure and Pregnancy doesn’t go well together! Hypertension in pregnancy, be it developed before conception or after conception is harmful to both baby and mother if not controlled…

Hypertension – Myths and Facts

Posted on Feb 23,2017

“I am fine. That checkup was bogus”. “I feel at ease. How can I have high blood pressure”? Have you not heard these words time and again after routine annual…

Practicing yoga to lower blood pressure, is it effective?

Posted on Feb 12,2017

Without a doubt, yoga is a very useful tool that helps our body to regulate its blood pressure levels. Above all, it helps significantly those who suffer from essential or…